Children's Eye Exam

Image by frank mckenna

Recommended by Optometrist, children should be seen for a full eye exam once a year. We can start eye examinations for children as young as 6 months old and up until the age of 18,

During this exam we will be testing how their eyes are healthy, eye and muscle movements and alignment are developing properly and that both eyes are focusing together. It is important to keep aware that if your child complains about headaches, squinting or closing one eye to focus to come in for a check up. 80% of learning for a child is visual. As your child grows, visualization is a key part in developing many of the skills and activities we do today,


In Alberta, children's full eye exams will be covered once a year by Alberta Health Care. This exam provides the same level of care as any other patient, including all extra tests such as color vision, depth perception, and once the age of 8, we offer fundus photos and OCT Imaging. 

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