Conjunctivitis is an eye infection and inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. The Conjunctiva is the thin transparent layer that covers the inner eyelid, as well as the front portion of the eye. 

There are three different types: infectious, allergic and chemical. Infectious Conjunctivitis is caused by a contagious virus and bacterial form. Allergic Conjunctivitis is an allergy your body is specifically allergic to. Third, Chemical Conjunctivitis is caused by irritants.


This condition can occur in anybody of any age. It is important that if you do show symptoms of this condition to prevent it from spreading. Ways to prevent that is to constantly wash your hands, do not share pillows, wash clothes eye drops etc. If a child has this condition it is best to keep them out of school until properly treated and cured. 


Eye Close Up
  • Red, itchy eyes​

  • Swollen eyelids​

  • Burning sensation​

  • Excessive watery eyes​

  • Discharge

Risk Factors

  • Bacteria (unclean hands when touching your eyes)

  • Cosmetic make-up

  • Allergic reaction: pollen, fabrics, animals.

  • Environmental Irritants: pollution, fumes, chlorine from swimming pools.


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Conjunctivitis, it is important to see an Optometrist as soon as you can before the possibility of spreading it to others. 

Treatments that the Optometrist may be able to provide may be antibiotic/antihistamine eye drops/ointments that must be prescribed, oral medication or artificial tears to help with comfort with a cold cloth compress. (make sure not to share wash cloths with this condition). 

If caught early enough, early intervention treatment can be completed in house to reduce the overall length of infection as well as reduce the chance of spreading an infection to others.

If you have any form of conjunctivitis, Contact us to book a visit