Dilation Fundus Exam

A Dilation Fundus Eye Exam is recommended by Optometrist on a routine basis. It is a medical visit that monitors any change or progression while allowing the doctor to have a wider view to look inside the ye.

During these exams, a dilating agent will be dropped into your eyes which relaxes the pupils causing them dilate (open wider). This offers a wider window gives a wider view of the retinal to check for any peripheral retinal changes that could not be checked without a dilated pupil. This is also the establish standard for assessing for diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

As these drops dilate the pupils, there are some side effects to be aware of that include blurry vision and light sensitivity that typically will last 3-4 hours after your appointment. Driving and outdoor activity is not advised until the dilation effect has worn off.