Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Exams

How often should I come in for an Eye Exam?

Recommended by Optometrist's that everyone of all ages come in for a Full Eye Exam once a year. An Eye Exam is crucial to your vision health and can detect early stages of eye related/non-related diseases. However, it is common for adults 19-64 to come in every 2 years for insurances normally cover optical services every 2 years.

Is a Full Eye Exam free?

No. Adults 19 - 64 years are responsible to pay for their Full Eye Exam through insurance or out of pocket. For children 6 months - 18 years and seniors 65 years and older are covered for a Full Eye Exam once a year by Alberta Health Care. Adults are not covered under AHC.

When can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment any time you are available to come in. We will try our best to coordinate what we have available on schedule and what works with yours. We do accept walk-ins, however doctors hours differ from clinic operational hours. It is best to book an appointment to guarantee you will be seen. 

What do I bring to my appointment?

At check-in time we request 3 items from you: Photo ID (Driver's License), Alberta Health Care Card, Insurance Policy Card. If you do not have one or more of these items just bring yourself in and we will put down as much information into your patient file.

FAQs - Insurance

Do you direct bill to my insurance?

Yes. However, not all insurances offer direct OPTICAL  billing. Make sure to understand your insurance coverage before booking an appointment. Be prepared to pay and submit the claim yourself if your claim we submit is pulled aside.  > Click Here to see what insurances offer Direct Optical Billing.

Can you check how much coverage I have?

Yes. Similar to what is stated above. Not all insurances allow us to check this for you. Only certain ones allow us to predetermine how much you are covered for an eye exam and for glasses.

Dental can direct bill. Why can't you?

All insurance company plans are different. Depending on who you have signed up with and what plan you have chosen determines if we can submit the claim on your behalf. Not all insurances offer Direct Optical Billing/Predetermination. It is best to understand your insurance plan before booking an appointment.

Can you call/access my insurance for me?

No. We can not gain access to your insurance information and what your plan is. This is confidential information that only the policy holder can access. We only have access to submit the claim on your behalf with the policy card information you provide us with.

FAQs - Contact Lenses

Why do I need to do a Contact Lens Fitting?

A Contact Lens Fitting is the same as coming in to update your Glasses Prescription. Both prescriptions expire in one year of the exam date. As your prescription may have changed over time, prescription updates improve the clarity of your vision. Also gives you a chance to change the type or brand of Contact Lenses. 

Why can't I use my Glasses Prescription to order Contact Lenses?

You can not do this because a Glasses Prescription and a Contact Lens Prescription is completely different. A Glasses Prescription is based on how far the lens is sitting on your nose vs. Contact Lenses sitting directly on your eye. Several additional parameters and adjustments are needed to provide contact lenses the clear and comfortable daily wear.

Is a Contact Lens Fitting included in the Exam Fee?

No. It is a separate additional fee. This is because not everyone needs or wants to wear Contact Lenses. Majority of the time this is a personal/cosmetic option for individuals. 

What happens if I over wear my Contact Lenses?

What happens when you drink milk past its expiry date? It is the same reason you should dispose Contact Lenses once its life span has been used up. When you over wear contact lenses you are prone to infection and extreme dry eyes. Over use suffocates the eye's ability to lubricate itself. 

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