Floaters are semi-transparent strings, spots, squiggels and/or cobwebs that appear in the field of your vision. They are small particles that float and move in the gel substance within your eye. They are noticeable when they fall in the line of sight.

Floaters are commonly found as you grow older. Almost anyone can get floaters and see them one at a time or another.


Floaters are normal and rarely cause any problems. It comes with no symptoms, but can be noticed with flashes of light. There is no treatment or cure to get rid of them as they lie within the jelly substance in your eye. However, if you notice a sudden change in how many floaters you see, book an eye exam with your Optometrist as it can indicate other serious problems such as retinal detachment.


Floaters/Spots usually do not need to be treated. It is normal and is caused by aging, The jelly-like substance in your eye (Vitreous) ages and it deteriorates and causes the little particles to sit and float in your eye. 

During a Dilation Eye Exam, the Optometrist will widen up your pupils and is able to determine if there is any treatment that may be needed when new floaters or flashes in your vision occur.