Comprehensive Eye Exams

A Full Comprehensive Eye Exam is a vital assessment to keep your vision as clear and as healthy as possible. During the examination the Optometrist looks for many different factors to rule out any common ocular conditions and any possible vision abnormalities. 

We provide testing to assess the over-all ocular health (internal and external) of the eye, do a colour vision and a depth perception test, take OCT Imaging photos and scans of the back of the eye, and at the end (if needed) provide a Glasses Prescription.


We also provide additional testing when requested or when recommended by the Optometrist. These additional tests include: perimetry (visual field testing), Bailie Lovie Contrast sensitivity testing, corneal topography, specific fundus photos or tomography (OCT) imaging, and meibography.

Most individuals believe that if they are able to see perfectly with no glasses, it means they have no ocular problems. When in fact, many ocular diseases come with no noticeable symptoms. This prevents them from seeing an Optometrist for years. When in fact, the Optometrist can detect and/or diagnose medical conditions related or not related to the eye. When these medical conditions are caught early, they can be treated and monitored to slow the progression and keep the eye as healthy as possible before any major changes occur to the vision. ​


​Individuals between the ages of 19-64 will be serviced a Full Comprehensive Eye Exam, which include all the testing mentioned above. This Eye Exam for adults is not covered by Alberta Health Care. Patients must provide active insurance coverage, if available. Adults normally take a Full Eye Exam every 2 years as insurances cover Optical Services every 2 years. Any additional testing required by your employer, license registry, government official forms or any personal accommodations (such as Contact Lenses) can be completed at the same time as your exam. 

Eye Exam Room