Ocular Conditions/Diseases

There are many different types of eye related diseases and conditions. There are several of them can cause serious changes to your vision and can lead to vision loss if left untreated. Which is why we encourage individuals to come in for an annual Full Eye Exam so we are able to detect these conditions at its early stages to treat and monitor.


As there are multiple different types of conditions, it is inevitable that with age and genetics it can't be avoided. And with the right equipment and experience we provide at our clinic, we are able to assess, diagnose, monitor and treat all these ocular disease and conditions.

As we age our eyes do as well, meaning a few of these conditions can not be fully cured, but can be treated and monitor to slow its progression. However, there are temporary  solutions to help make your vision as clear and as healthy as possible.  

Different Types of Conditions

Dark Clouds


Cloudy, blurry vision? You may have cataracts. Learn more about the condition.

Pressure Testing


Have high/low blood pressure and feeling pressure in your eyes? Theres a possibility you maybe suspect to Glaucoma. Learn more and book an appointment.

Diabetes Self Management Program

Diabetic Retinopathy

Seeing floaters? Sudden loss of your peripheral vision? Or diabetic? An annual Dilation Eye Exam can help monitor and treat this condition. Learn more!


Age-Related Macular


Over 55 years of age? Noticing central vision loss? Don't wait any longer! Learn more and book and appointment today!

Death Valley

Dry Eyes

Staring at a digital device all day long? You are exposing your eyes to blue light, which can cause dry eyes and eye fatigue. Learn more on how to self treat and prevent this exposure!

Eye Close Up


Also known as "Pink Eye" you may experience red, swollen, itchy eyes, a burning sensation, and/or discharge. Any of theses symptoms you may be infectious. Book an appointment today!



Noticing any floating strings in your vision? Grey, black or transparent? You may have floaters. Book a Dilation Eye Exam and we can confirm that!

Eye Test

Myopia Control

A method used to slow the progression of myopia in nearsighted children. There are different methods to control myopia!