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When ordering a supply of contact lenses make sure to check if your Contact Lens Prescription is still valid. If it's expired we will not be able to order you a supply of Contact Lenses. We will request a copy of your contact lens prescription once you submit an order. Or if you are an existing patient we will already have your Contact Lens Prescription on file if it is still valid.

Existing Patients

If you are one of our patients and have completed a contact lens fitting with us, We will be able import your valid Contact Lens Prescription into the order. However, if your prescription is over 1 year old we require you to come back for a Full Eye Exam with a Contact Lens Fitting to update the Prescription. (Similar process as updating a Glasses Prescription). 

Non-Existing Patients

If you want to order contacts from us and you are not one of our patients we will require a copy of a valid Contact Lens Prescription. 

If you have not done a Full Eye Exam in a year or more, we would require you to do the Full Eye Exam with the Contact Lens Fitting to Update

If you are interested in contact lenses and never worn them before, book a Full Eye Exam with a Contact Lens Fitting and Training to learn how to take care and use them! > Read More

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